craft hangover

brita likened the post-crafty bastards sensation to a hangover, and she's absolutely right. saturday was like a really, really good party, and now we're in recovery. while we scramble to find fabric for all our custom orders, i expect this space will lay a bit fallow.

in the meantime, threads and snippets is picking up the slack with a wonderful post on all of the insane fashion talent at the show. we're honored to be included in the mix, and wish we'd had time to check out more of our fellow crafty bastards' booths. like how amazing was this:
Malagueta by Rachel Sherman via Threads and Snippets
thanks again to the hello craft folks, who organized the heck out of that show, and to everyone who came out to see us, everyone who bought from us, and everyone who's gotten in touch since. we're feeling pretty giddy.


in good company

Tempest by Katherine Fahey at 2hawks2fishes
the crafty bastards vendor list just posted, and it's a pretty insanely great collection of artists and craftspeople. i'm starting to assemble my christmas shopping list; anyone want to be my shopping surrogate that day? i'll start with this:


new fabric

so delicious, and a little dangerous....
A Fuji Afternoon Scenic, by Keepsake Calico


a sweet little etsy treasury

our ice cream social dress has been included in a lovely collection of ice cream-themed items on etsy: thanks to forgivingworks for curating the treasury:
in other news, our parasol dress is off to a new home. it was the first dress we made (and really a team effort, as coralie and i both worked on that first version), and so it's sweet to see it fly the coop. Thanks @rg!
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crafty bastards are we

save the date! coralilie makes our craft show debut on 10/2/10 at crafty bastards in dc. we'll be sharing a booth with lovely brita and her sweet things for little ones:


we're official!

painted hills, a coralilie wrap dress
our etsy shop went live last night, and we've already had interest from as far away as australia (a sweet thing, as coralie bought the original thrift-store dress, on which we based the coralilie design, down under)! check out


Welcome to Coralilie!

Coralilie is a line of artisanal wrap dresses, handmade from vintage and new textiles. With an a-line skirt and customizable straps, a Coralilie dress is the perfect fit for both everyday wear and special occasions. 

To see our complete Summer 2010 line, click on the photo at far left or check out our Flickr slideshow

For more information on ordering your very own Coralilie, send us an email